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For Art Lovers Visiting Zadar

If you are looking forward to visiting Zadar, you are into contemporary art and want to see something other than (the very rich) cultural heritage; then this post is for you.

Zadar is not very famous for its urban contemporary culture like Istria, Split, or Zagreb. When I moved here 5 years ago, I was very underwhelmed. As you can read in The story of Moja Soba, that is what eventually motivated me to start my gallery business.

But when these rare cultural events do occur, they are extraordinary, and there is a lot of thought put into their development. Here are a few places and festivals that you should definitely visit when you come to Zadar.



Monoplay is a contemporary dance festival, and it has a long tradition. It started in 2009, and every year it marks the end of August. It is dedicated to solo performances and contemporary theatre. As an international festival, it shows both renowned names and dance students.

The production is simply amazing. Monoplay festival usually lasts for a few days. There are many great things going on – exhibitions, live interviews with performers, great after parties, and much more. It is without a doubt my favorite festival in Zadar. 

There are a few other festivals in Zadar – I would recommend checking out Zadar Snova, Zadar Craft beer festival, and Zadar Jazz & Blues festival.


Festival Monoplay


Indie – café bar

If you are looking for a special place to go out on the weekend or to have your cup of coffee in the mornings, I would recommend Indie. It is located in the center of the city but hidden enough from the big crowds.

The music is great, and you will definitely experience something different from the regular tourist hotspots. Indie often hosts great art exhibitions too. I would recommend ordering a bottle of wine or the local beer Plavuša and enjoy the great atmosphere.



This is for the fans of hardcore, alternative, and punk, but Nigdjezemska is much more than that. It is a well-known place in Zadar, run by volunteers.

There are cool exhibitions and many concerts, so I would definitely check out their schedule to see what’s happening. It is located within walking distance from the city center. Bring your booze and get ready to meet some interesting people!


Moja Soba

And of course, if you are in Zadar – come and say hi!

Moja Soba is an independent art gallery and concept store, created in 2019 by visual artist Hana Jurić. Moja Soba became an integral part of her work through developing new products and collaborations with other brands and artists.

The focus of the gallery is on contemporary art, new media, high quality prints and local production. The name of the gallery directly translates to English as “My Room”, and it was inspired by Virginia Woolf’s classic “A Room of One’s Own”.

You can read the full story of Moja Soba on our blog.

I hope this helped plan your trip, and I persuaded you to come to Zadar and support our independent culture.

If you missed one of the festivals, you could always check out the open-air Zadar summer cinema. If you are a theatre fan, there is Teatro Verdi. I’m sure you will find something in their program that catches your eye. And finally, Zadar is the city of basketball, so don’t miss a match!

I hope you have a great holiday!


While you are here, check out the Moja Soba shop; the shipping is free worldwide!