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Meet Studio Jasmin 1159

This is the first artist’s profile that I’m writing on my blog, so who better to start with than Moja Soba’s first collab – Studio Jasmin 1159. Get to know this amazing ceramics brand from Vinkovci!


Behind Studio Jasmin 1159 stands Ivana Zulumović, a Croatian artist and ceramicist. She graduated from the Art Academy in Rijeka in 2011 and, in 2017, started her brand.

She also works as an art teacher and takes care of her many animals. Studio Jasmin 1159 was named after Ivana’s horse – Jasmin, which you can see in her creative logo design.


Ceramic cup by Studio Jasmin 1159


Her love of animals is also visible in her motifs. She often illustrates horses, birds, and cats on her unique pottery products. And her products are truly unique – she does not use a mold and avoids serial production. Her many cups, broches, and vases are one of a kind.


Ceramic cup by Studio Jasmin 1159


What drove me to her work and made me want to represent Studio Jasmin 1159 through Moja Soba were her amazing drawings.

There are many great ceramic artists on Instagram, but what really makes her stand out from the rest is the mastery of her drawings. In combination with her stunning ceramic craftmanship, it was really a no-brainer.


Ceramic cups by Studio Jasmin 1159


Studio Jasmin’s ceramics were featured in Moja Soba for the majority of 2019, and it was a great experience! Visitors would fall in love with every piece, especially for their lightweight, porcelain-like characteristics.

I strongly recommend checking Studio Jasmin’s Instagram and Facebook to see what’s new! You can contact Ivana directly about purchasing one of her beautiful works for yourself or as a truly remarkable gift for somebody you love.


While you are here, check out the Moja Soba shop; the shipping is free worldwide!